Private yoga space in the office

Private yoga space in the office

Yoga Services

  • Private individual yoga

  • Private small group yoga

  • Private therapeutic yoga (combined with or as part of our therapy sessions), see below for more information

As more and more research has shown, using yoga and mind-body approaches with talk therapy is a beneficial treatment route (especially with trauma, anxiety, and depression)...and I offer that to my clients if that is something that is appropriate and there is expressed interest.

As a trauma-informed 200 hour yoga teacher, I have also completed Mindful Resilience for Trauma Recovery training through the Veterans Yoga Project and Yoga For Trauma + PTSD training with David Emerson.

My style of teaching is meant to bring mindful awareness TO the body and to the mind -- to allow ourselves the capacity to slow down and tune in. I offer breathing exercises, guided meditation, helpful readings, etc. depending on who I am working with, but mostly I want to allow it to be a space where YOU can be in full presence of your own direct experience. I choose postures that are safe and effective for what we are dealing with. Most sessions will border yin and restorative yoga, but also allow mindful movement to be incorporated. Our sessions are meant to be tailored uniquely to the individual being worked with. Interested? I would love to talk to you further about how we can work together from a mind-body approach.